Investigative Accounting and Misuse of Funds

Serving Bethesda, MD

  • Testified in a hearing on behalf of Plaintiff relating to request to appoint a receiver for numerous limited partnerships, which was granted by court.
  • Testified for approximately 30 days in a trial regarding damages and findings regarding alleged fraud and violation of a state civil RICO statute on behalf of Plaintiff. Judge found breach of contract, breach of duty, fraud and violation of civil RICO and awarded approximately $103,000,000 in damages including an award of attorneys and accounting fees. Judge also ordered dissolution of the entity which was a 746 unit apartment project that sold for $135,000,000.
  • Investigated misuse of project funds by General Partner/management agent and testified as to findings. Jury award of approximately $2,000,000.
  • Engaged as an expert to evaluate potential fraud and benefits received in an estate tax case.
  • Engaged to investigate a defalcation by a company bookkeeper. Insurance recover without any litigation.
  • Appointed by bankruptcy court to investigate alleged fraud by creditor related to over charges to debtor for billings. Court adopted my findings.
  • Engaged to investigate diversion of client funds by Certified Public Accountant. Criminal referral made at request of client. CPA subsequently pleaded guilty and sentenced to 24 months in Federal Court.
  • Consulted and testified for defendants in a criminal fraud and conspiracy case involving a failed savings and loan with multiple subsidiaries and limited partnerships. Defendants were acquitted on all charges.
  • Evaluated misuse of apartment complex funds by a management company employee. My report convinced the bonding company to pay $300,000 to the owner. This was accomplished without litigation.
  • Engaged as a defense consultant in a criminal insider trading case on various accounting matters. Located impeachment evidence used by attorneys to cross examine government accounting expert. Defendants were acquitted on all counts.
  • Engaged as a defense consultant in a criminal case involving a complex corporate series of companies that included a construction company, various real estate investments and a significant sized golf course.
  • Engaged as a consultant in a criminal tax and money laundry investigation.
  • Engaged by an insurance company to evaluated potential fraud by one of its agents.
  • Engaged by a F.H.A. co-insurer to determine potential misuse of construction loan proceeds.
  • Assisted a syndicator and its law firm in gathering evidence to support litigation against a management company that diverted substantial project funds.